Debian | Installation and initial setup

Please refer to the steps below on how to install Debian 10

  1. Download and install Debian 10 Network Install – Around 350MB only

Press “ESC” to skip the configuration of package repository

Select Yes and click Continue

Debian 10 is installed successfully with minimal packages only

2. login as root from console and update the APT Package Repository

nano /etc/apt/sources.list
    deb buster main
    deb-src buster main
#Perform system update
apt-get update
  1. Setup sudo to perform administrative tasks as a regular user.
apt install sudo
adduser kwyong sudo

Logout root and login as kwyong

  1. Install open-vm-tools
sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools -y
  1. Install OpenSSH Server
sudo apt-get install openssh-server -y
  1. Speed up boot time by changing GRUB_TIMEOUT from 5 seconds to 0
sudo nano /etc/default/grub
  1. Configuration of Static IP Address. Reboot is required
sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
# The primary network interface
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet static
        # dns-* options are implemented by the resolvconf package, if installed
sudo reboot

Optional Steps

  1. Enable UFW Firewall
#Install ufw
sudo apt-get install ufw
#Allow incoming for ssh, http & https
sudo ufw allow ssh
sudo ufw allow http
sudo ufw allow https
#Enable ufw Firewall
sudo apt-get instsudo ufw status
Status: active

To                         Action      From
--                         ------      ----
22/tcp                     ALLOW       Anywhere
80/tcp                     ALLOW       Anywhere
443/tcp                    ALLOW       Anywhere
22/tcp (v6)                ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)
80/tcp (v6)                ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)
443/tcp (v6)               ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)

#Check ufw firewall log
sudo ufw loggin medium 
sudo touch /var/log/ufw.log
#Restart rsyslog service 
sudo service rsyslog restart

sudo tail -f 10 /var/log/ufw.log
  1. Fail2ban can be configured to allow legitimate logins using SSH, but ban IP addresses after they have failed to authenticate correctly after a set number of times.
sudo apt-get install fail2ban
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